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More than 550 attendees are expected to attend the conference to share new research and ideas. Sponsors will have the opportunity to showcase their organization and reach top information professionals and influencers from academia, government, and industry.

As host, the College of Information Studies is helping to promote the innovative research and networking essential to the growth of this field. All sponsorship proceeds will support costs associated with iConference and expand scholarship related to undergraduate and graduate programs, faculty research, and student engagement in the iSchools.

Contact Mary Kendig (mkendig@umd.edu) to discuss sponsorship or donate directly the iConference Support Fund!

Included in PackageBuilding
Fearless Ideas
Expanding Frontiers
Scholar Networking
Logo Prominently Displayed at Events (Coffee Breaks, Breakfast, Lunch, Reception)
Complimentary iConference Registration3 complimentary tickets2 complimentary tickets2 complimentary single day passes1 complimentary single day passes×
Verbal Acknowledgement at One Event Gathering×
Logo Placement on Event Website and in Program×
Information Table in Exhibition Space××
Opportunity to Provide Promotional Items in Attendees Gift Bags××
Verbal Acknowledgment at One High Profile Event (Keynote, Paper Awards, Banquet) ××
Presentation and Speaking Opportunity in Parallel Conference Session×××
Tailored Private Meeting to Access and Discuss Topics with Experts and Potential Hires××××
Call to Action Presentation and Speaking Opportunity During Event××××

Special Meal and Event Offerings

The following special offerings are another great way to promote your organization and show support for the iConference. Your logo will be prominently displayed at this occasion and your organization will be verbally recognized proceeding the session. 

iConference Meals

Morning Coffee Breaks (4)
Afternoon Coffee Breaks (4)
Breakfast (4)
Lunch (4)
Opening Reception
Poster Reception
iDean’s Reception
iDean’s Dinner
Banquet Meals

iConference Reception in 2016

iConference Events

Sunday Workshop
Doctoral Colloquium 
Early Career Colloquium 
Paper Development Workshops
Sessions of Interaction and Engagement
iSchool Dean’s Meeting
iCommunication Meeting
iSchool Development Meting
iSchool Marketing Meeting

Building Fearless Ideas: Private Tailored Meeting

Shot of a businesswoman giving a presentation to coworkers in a boardroom meeting

iConference researchers, program directors, faculty, and students are experts in information management, database architecture, systems design, content management, project management, human computer interaction, user experience,  data analytics, and cybersecurity.

Access experts and potential hires in a private tailored lunch or working meeting to discuss research topics, workforce development, or challenges faced by your organization.

The Building Fearless Ideas Sponsorship Package also includes the opportunity to design a 15 minute presentation for the main program. This time can be used for a call to action, panel discussion, or to engage participants on a subject important to your organization.

Contact Mary Kendig to explore your sponsorship opportunities. Custom packages can be arranged!