Conference Co-Chairs

Wayne Lutters
U. of Maryland, College Park
CSCW, sociotechnical systems, virtual organizations, social computing
Mega Subramaniam
U. of Maryland, College Park
youth learning in libraries, youth information practices, digital literacies
Kevin Crowston
Syracuse University
virtual organization, citizen science projects, research data management

Program Co-Chairs

Michelle Martin
U. of Washington

children’s literature, young adult literature, youth services

Bonnie Nardi
U. of California, Irvine

social theory, political economy, computing

Conference Management

Mary Kendig
U. of Maryland, College Park
project management, data ethics
Clark Heideger
management, marketing, information systems

Paper Co-Chairs

Aleksandra Sarcevic
Drexel University
CSCW, HCI, health informatics
Nic Weber
U. of Washington
data accessibility, sustainability, data curation

Poster Co-Chairs

Yong Ming Kow
U. of Hong Kong
social computing, peer collaboration, games research
Eric Meyers
U. of British Columbia
information science, learning science, new media studies

Workshop Co-Chairs

Marianne Martens
Kent State University
children’s librarianship, youth services, children’s publishing
Gitte Balling
Københavns Universitet
literary theory, aesthetics, communication, media

Sessions of Interaction and Engagement Co-Chairs

James Howison
U. of Texas, Austin
technology collaboration, open source software developments, organizational science
Kate Marek
Dominican University
digital libraries, internet applications, information policy, global information issues

Doctoral Colloquium Co-Chairs

Sun Young Park
U. of Michigan
hci, health informatics, CSCW, interactive systems, information management
Anita Komlodi
U. of Maryland, Baltimore County
hci, human information behavior, design user interaction, virtual reality environments

Doctoral Dissertation Award Co-Chairs

Tawanna Dillahunt
U. of Michigan
hci, ubiquitous computing fields, social science theory, community support
Volker Wulf
Universität Siegen
cooperation systems, knowledge management, community support, user-oriented software development

Early Career Co-Chairs

Dick Kawooya
U. of South Carolina
intellectual property, information access, information flow
Hamid Ekbia
Indiana University
mediation, digital information, communication techniology

Blue Sky Co-Chairs

Kevin Crowston
virtual organization, citizen science, data management
John King
epistemic infrastructure, municipal corporations

Undergraduate Co-Chairs

Matthew Bietz
U. of California, Irvine
pervasive data ethics, sociotechnical systems
Yubo Kou
Florida State University
video game communities, cscw, social computing

Social Media Co-Chairs

Amelia Gibson
U. of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
information access, policy, information systems
Jessica Vitak
U. of Maryland, College Park
networked privacy, user behaviors, personal information

iSchool Partnerships and Practices Co-Chairs

Timothy Summers
U. of Maryland, College Park
cybersecurity , sociotech, hackers, leadership
Sean McGann
U. of Washington
business intelligence and analytics, leadership development
Elke Greifeneder
information behavior, data validity, digital libraries

Keynotes Chair

Dan Russell
search experiences, Google users, queries

Student Volunteer Co-Chairs

Samantha McDonald
U. of California, Irvine
information communication technology, sustainability
Elizabeth Mills
U. of Washington
design principles, inclusive storytimes, libraries
Katy Lawly
U. of Maryland, College Park
metadata, information spaces, information organization

Diversity and Accessibility Chair

Renee Hill
U. of Maryland, College Park
cultural competence, inclusion, underrepresented populations

Proceedings Co-Chairs

Natalie Taylor
U. of South Florida
youth behavior, information access, digital literacy
Caitlin Christian-Lamb
U. of Maryland, College Park
collective memory, archives, social justice